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橫條廣告[2014-08-27 16:51:04]


  福建海風制冷前身為專業從事進口制冷配件代理和銷售的貿易公司,在當今市場競爭日益激烈,逐步走向服務型社會的情況下,我公司一直秉承“賣真貨、做真事、講真話”的原則服務于制冷行業,并以“誠信為本、客戶至上、優質優價”為經營宗旨,贏得了業內各界的信賴。目前,我公司已成為國內專業的制冷設備生產廠家,同時也與國內眾多的業內同行保持緊密的合作關系。       公司擁有多名業內資深的銷售及技術服務人員,為廣大客戶提供及時準確的產品信息和技術支持。       為全國各地的客戶提供及時、有效的服務。  Fujian sea breeze cooling predecessor is a professional engaged in import refrigeration accessories sales agents and trade company, in the increasingly fierce competition in the market today, gradually moving towards service oriented society, our company has been adhering to the "selling genuine goods, do real things, speak the truth," the principle of serving the refrigeration industry, and with "integrity-based, customer first, good quality and low price" for business purposes, won the trust of the industry from all walks of life. At present, our company has become the domestic professional refrigeration equipment manufacturers, but also with the domestic numerous industry counterparts to maintain close cooperation relationship. The company has a number of industry experienced sales and technical service personnel, to provide our customers with timely and accurate product information and technical support. To provide customers with timely and effective service. 【更多】


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